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        During her years in the entertainment industry, Jeanne Field has worked as a distributor, camera assistant, editor, producer (in film and theater), agent and manager.  Her production work includes documentaries such as Michael Wadleigh’s Academy Award winning “Woodstock,” Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Waltz” and another Academy Award winner, Sarah Kernochen’s “Marjoe.”  She also worked on four feature-length films and videos with Neil Young, two one-hour videos with Joni Mitchell, “The TVTV Show” (for NBC), feature films “Eraserhead” (directed by David Lynch), “Uforia” (directed by John Binder), and many other films and television shows.  At the American Film Institute, Field produced “The Horse Dealer's Daughter” from a short story by D.H. Lawrence, which won many awards, played on cable channels and has been released to the home video market.   She also produced the theatrical plays “Neon”, “Tarantula” (written and directed by Darrell Larson, adapted from Bob Dylan's book) and “Dreams Die Hard”, based on the book by David Harris, play written by John Binder, directed by him and Darrell Larson.


         In 1991, Field began work as an agent representing writers and below the line production crew.  She  now runs Windfall Management where she works with a client list of writers, directors and novelists. Projects done include “A Texas Funeral”, “Animal Factory”, “Ripley Underground”, “The Lazarus Man” television series (TNT), “Second Honeymoon” (CBS), “Mr. St. Nick” (ABC), “Caught In The Act” (Lifetime), “Irreconcilable Differences” (documentary), and "Dog Eat Dog".


           Born in Madison, Wisconsin, she made her way to New York City to begin her career.  A circuitous path led her to the film business and Los Angeles where she still lives with her husband, John Binder.  Step-sons, Josh and John Henry, live near-by with their wives and daughters.

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